“Innovate for growth”

In our research center "Tradichem Innovation Center (TIC)", located in Madrid's Science Park, we have the most advanced experimental techniques to develop new ingredients.

The TIC team is composed by members of various scientific societies in the United States (American Society of Pharmacognosy (A.S.P), Phytochemical Society of North America (P.S.N.A.) and Chemical Biology Division of the American Chemical Society (A.C.S.)).

The work from the last five years has resulted in 7 propietary products of natural origin, 1 worldwide patent and 8 scientific publications in different therapeutic areas. Currently, besides the our own lines of research,we are working on cooperation projects with universities in Spain and United States. Currently the Tradichem Innovation Center cooperates in a research project with Columbia University Medical Center.

The main activities of the TIC are:

  • Studies of novel actives from high potential therapeutic extracts.
  • Characterization of API.
  • Studies of molecular action mechanisms
  • Development of analytical methods.
  • Actives quantification.
  • Galenic and solubility tests.
  • QUALITY CONTROL of ingredients and final products.
  • Stability studies of raw materials and final products.
  • Technical support to companies.
  • Technological transfer.
  • Development of dossiers for registration.

The TIC works in the research of biotechnological and natural origin extraction products.

  • The knowledge of the polyphenols metabolism for increasing its bioavailability.
  • New clinical trials related to the benefits of soybean isoflavones supplementation in bone health.
  • Interactions and synergism of active ingredients.
  • Clinical trials for Women's Health.
  • Interactions between actives and genes in dietary interventions (Nutrigenomics).