EU GMP-Certified Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Site

At TIS PHARMA, we develop API compaction and granulation processes for third parties to improve production efficiency through our patented technology, Hipering.

After the synthesis or fermentation processes to obtain APIs, many of these active pharmaceutical ingredients require compaction and granulation stages so they can be adjusted to the manufacture of the different final galenic forms. Additionally, many of the APIS need to be pre-compacted when they arrive at drug factories with equipment not specifically designed for this process, with the consequent cost in materials, loss of performance, long lead times and other costs derived from this pre-compaction.
At TIS Pharma, we provide a pharmaceutical service for the physical transformation of raw materials, keeping purity intact, which translates into an increase of up to 60% in operational efficiency for manufacturers of final pharmaceutical forms and the consequent impact on the reduction of industrial costs.

Likewise, our GMP industrial platform allows the control and standardization of batches of raw materials according to the industrial needs of each client; either at the level of the manufacturer of the active ingredient, as well as that of the final pharmaceutical form.

EU GMP-Certified Nutraceutical Manufacturing site

At TIS NUTRA, we have GMP industrial facilities for the adaptation of raw materials according to the industrial needs of the manufacturer of food supplements and nutraceuticals.

We carry out physical transformation processes of assets regarding key parameters in the manufacture of food supplements such as fluidity, density, particle size, homogeneity, solubility, volatility and hygroscopicity of the raw material. Thereby, we are able to adapt the active ingredient to the galenic needs of the final product manufacturer.

In addition, our GMP platform allows batch control of raw materials according to the needs of each client, thus optimizing the nutraceutical manufacturing processes.

Botanical extracts Manufacturing site

MarenostrumTech is a leading company in identifying, developing and producing high-quality botanical extracts of Mediterranean origin. Our extracts carry the unique properties of the specific lands where they grow. We produce biodynamic extracts with inimitable properties and an unmatched analytical profile.

We work in several RDI projects to always produce new ingredients, granting our clients the opportunity to benefit from exclusive properties. We have designed an innovative and environmentally friendly technology that preserves the unmatched properties of biodynamic crops, obtaining exclusive botanical extracts with an exceptional analytical profile.

  • Biodynamic quality
  • Unique extracts
  • 100% Traceability