Botanicals for the
metabolic syndrome

OB-X® an ingredient for selectively and safely reduction the adipose tissue, especially the visceral fat.

  • 21% reduction in waist circumference with a caloric restriction diet and exercise.
  • 10% reduction in visceral fat without any exercise and diet.
  • TG levels reduction.
  • Anti-angiogenic effect.
  • Fatty acid β-oxidation.


A non animal water soluble
ingredient for calorie control

  • Fat trapping capability: 80% of daily intake.
  • 2500 times more active than regular Chitosan.
  • H2OSLIM® is 60% more effective than Chitosan+Succinic Acid.
  • Low dosage: 400 mg before main meals.
  • Non-animal polysaccharides 100% water soluble.