TRADICHEM S.L. is a leader in the marketing and development of nutraceuticals and APIs.

Our success is built on courage, achievement, responsability, respect, integrity and transparency. These values shape our daily work, the way we meet challenges and our interactions with our customers and partners.


Since 1993 we have been developing high-quality products for a better life. Curiosity and a spirit of discovery make us who we are. Our work is also defined by our long-term strategy which brings benefits to our customers, partners and employees. Since 2008 the company has experienced an internal technological evolution becoming an integral company formed by a logistics GDP warehouse with a capacity of 175mt, an innovation center (TIC) and an industrial GMP platform for APIs processing (TIS).

Our value

Our presence in international trade fairs and global scientific conferences, together with strategic alliances with customers and partners in more than 30 countries, provides us with a comprehensive knowledge and understanding of the market.

Likewise, our capacity for innovation, dynamism and procurement policy, allow us to provide a wide range of distribution ingredients and our own research for the pharmaceutical, chemical, nutraceutical and food market.

GMP Manufacturing SITE, TIS was founded in 2016 as the industrial site of TRADICHEM for providing industrial solutions for the supply of API ready for the manufacturing of end dosage forms.