TRADICHEM S.L. is a world leader in the development, marketing and manufacturing of nutraceuticals and APIs.

Our success lies in our strategic alliances with customers and partners in more than 50 countries, which provide us with comprehensive knowledge and understanding of the market. We always ensure to keep our full focus on offering the best quality ingredients.


The nutraceutical and pharmaceutical industry is headed toward profound change. Epic disruption is bringing new challenges and opportunities for those ready to take advantage of them. With almost 30 years of profound expertise across all markets, we combine our know-how and business experience with the latest industry trends to apply innovation and transformational strategies.

Since 1993 we have been developing high-quality products for the improvement of quality of life. Our work is defined by our long-term strategy which brings benefits to our customers, partners and employees. Since 2008 the company has experienced an internal technological evolution becoming an integral company formed by 2 R&D centers, 3 manufacturing sites and 3 offices (based in the EU + US).

We are Tradichem


CHEMMITMENT is a unique way of working that combines the highest quality standards and cutting-edge technology, while always maintaining a solid relationship with our partners and clients. Chemmitment guides the way we think, act, and make decisions as we learn to work together toward a healthier world. 
This unique way of working is represented by four simple but powerful values that shape the culture of our organization and define the character of our company. Every decision we make and every action we take should reflect our collective values and culture.


We perform to our best ability in order to exceed customer expectations and offer high quality ingredients. Tradichem improves health and contributes to people’s wellbeing each and every day. We do so by acting with integrity and maintaining the highest standards of quality, ethics and compliance.


Our extensive international presence gives us a global knowledge of the market and different ways of understanding our clients. Underpinning the success of our know-how are changes in the way we conduct our research, which have enabled us to improve the quality of the candidate ingredient we take forward in our pipeline.


We face new challenges and our daily work with responsibility, integrity and total transparency. We aspire to be an industry leader and a mark of excellence in a constantly changing environment. We are passionate about being first to market and taking advantage of opportunities. We believe that leadership happens with and through people.


We work in a unique, hand-in hand collaboration with our clients to understand their needs and offer them all kinds of solutions. We want to be valued not only for our ingredients, but also for the way we work. We aim to build trust by demonstrating integrity, transparency and fair treatment in everything that we do.

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